Instagram Campaign - MYRHA PARIS


Launch the online store and promote the Myrha Paris brand.


Formats Collection Ad + caroussel + Image Post

Prospecting + Retargeting Strategies

Targeting Luxury, High Income, Women


+ 2000 clicks and 1600 site visits

Multi-Channel Campaign

Audio/ Facebook, Instagram/ Google Map

The Hume carwash wanted to increase their visibility in order to attract new customers to their high-pressure carwash.


To reach as many people as possible around the carwash.


We developed a marketing media plan to reach vehicle owners, including an audio campaign on Spotify and radio stations.

We added a Pin campaign on Google Map to increase visibility, and created 3 Facebook and Instagram posts with beautiful visuals about the high-pressure carwash.

The media selection combined with ultra-precise geographic targeting to 30km around the carwash center enabled us to reach the desired audience in close proximity.


20% increase in carwash visits

Creative specs & guidelines

All our creatives guidelines are listed here.

If you don't have any creative assets, no worries we can also help you. Please send us a message at

  • Facebook & Instagram

    Facebook page(s) access (please link your Insta page to your FB page if you want to publish from there). We recommend a Carousel (for example a generic slide in 1 + attractive product slides) and/or a fixed image:

    JPG 1080 x 1080 px with as little text as possible
    Text(s) of 150 characters max
    Title(s) of 30 characters


    We also recommend broadcasting a video that must meet the following specifications:
    Start from a source video with the best possible resolution.
    Most file types are supported. However, we recommend H.264 compression, square pixels, fixed frame rate, progressive scan, and stereo AAC audio compression at 128 kbps and above.

    Video format: from 9:16 to 16:9
    Recommended resolution: the best resolution available while respecting the defined format and the imposed file size limit.
    Video file size: 4 GB maximum
    Minimum video length: 1 second
    Maximum video length: 30 seconds
    Video captions: optional, but recommended
    Video sound: optional, but recommended

    If you want to push Story formats (Facebook and/or Instagram), you can use a still image, or a video with the dimensions 1080x1920 (ratio of 9:16).


    URL: landing page of the advertisement.

  • Snapchat

    Single Image or Video Ad requirements

    File type: .mp4, .mov, .jpg, or .png

    Aspect ratio: 9:16

    Resolution: 1080px x 1920px

    Length: 3-180 seconds


    Brand, headline, and calls-to-action

    Brand: Up to 25 characters with spaces 

    Headline: Up to 34 characters with spaces

    Calls-to-action: Select the CTA text. Snapchat applies the visual and places the CTA on the ad


    URL: landing page of the advertisement.

  • Display

    Single Image requirements

    IAB standard banners
    300 x 600px
    300 x 250px
    728 x 90px
    320 x 50px

    Mobile Interstitial

    320x480 px
    480x320 px

    Format JPG/PNG/GIF/HTML5 max 150KB

    For dynamic creations, no infinite looping, maximum 3 loops
    Text embedded in the image.

    Must include: the brand, the message to convey and a CTA to pass the audit.

    URL: landing page of the advertisement.

  • SEA


    Campaign requirements

    - URL: landing page of the advertisement
    - Keywords to target
    - Negative keywords (optional)

    Ad elements

    15 titles maximum with a maximum of 30 characters per title
    4 descriptions maximum with a maximum of 90 characters per description